Ship Finder App Lets You Follow Offshore Vessels

Ship Finder App lets you track vessels

Ship Finder App lets you track vessels

Ever been curious about the ships and yachts off the Oregon Coast?

Port pilots, dockworkers, ship spotters, and maritime enthusiasts rely on Ship Finder, an app that identifies commercial vessels and pleasure craft.

View the information online or on your smartphone.  Track a friend on a ship or boat, or just learn more about the vessels at sea.

Check out the Ship Finder App

The Ship Finder App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  The App picks up ship feeds used by commercial and pleasure vessels, transmitting the vessels’ name, position, and status.   Radio transmissions are sent to internet servers and uploaded onto live data coverage maps.  You might be surprised to see all the traffic on the water.  on the water.

If you have ever been curious about the ships from around the world or the yachts from afar that travel off the Oregon coast, to the Port of Astoria and up the Columbia River, Ship Finder is how you can learn more.

Spot Vessels at Sea from an oceanfront room at Tolovana Inn

Tolovana Inn’s oceanfront rooms are great for spotting vessels at sea.


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